The Well

SOCRATES 5 w web bgd colourTeresa’s first book THE WELL, in her BATS series will be published in Spring 2014.

THE BATS SERIES: The Bats are pre-teen twins Anna and Thomas, plus their friends, Mohini, Ibrahim and Xue. They are all clever in different ways and are from very different cultural backgrounds. Anna loves mysteries and persuades the others to form a secret society in the hope they would find some to solve. They do.

BOOK 1, THE WELL: Anna has nightmares. One day she wakes up with an inexplicable bloody W cut deep into her hand. Great Aunt Sofia, a herbalist, comes to deal with the cut, and tells the twins the legend of a magic well located in The Town Castle. This perplexes Anna because Sofia always stresses the importance of facts and good research; that she might believe in magic makes no sense. Sceptical at first, the other Bats reluctantly agree to look for the well, and stumble across something deadly. Something people are prepared to kill for.